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Wine does not belong in the category of bevarages that we buy to supress our thirst. Wine has always had an outstanding position on every gourmand’s shopping list. What is more, the history of vine cultivation and its production dates back to more than 10 000 B.C. Egyptian pharaons believed that wine was a gift from Osiris- the god of blooming vine, Greeks considered Dionysos as a founder of vine cultivation. It is also rumored that Charles IV enjoyed his daily glass of wine.

The specific taste of wine is given not only by its long history but also by the way of its production and the location where the main ingredients are cultivated.

Gold Pralines offers wine of the highest quality from Moravian vineyards. Vineyard Glosovi, Ing. Jiri Kopecek or vineyard Lahofer belong to our exlusive suppliers.

Vineyard Glosovi – it has already gained many awards in significant wine-making competitions for the best wine (AWC Vienna, Vinoforum, Sauvignonforum, Wine markets in Valtice, Sommelier’s seal, in 2009 the best collection Grand Prix Vinex and the best collection of Moravian wines Vinařské Litoměřice). Mr. Lubomir Glos is one of the most siginificat Czech wine makers. He is also an author of two totally new sorts: Cabernet Moravia and Fratava which are sold in our stores.

Ing. Jiri Kopecek – In 2012 he was awarded for his life contribution to Czech and Moravian vineyard in the renowned competion Vinař roku (the Wine Grower of the year). He is also the president of the wine-making academy in Valtice. In our stores we offer exquisite Frankovka which greatly complements our chocolate pralines.

Vineyard Lahofer – it completes our collection of red wines with its excellent white wines.