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About Us

The Gold Pralines Company was established in 2003. From the very beginning, its main focus was confectionery retail stores, and their main products are Belgian pralines.

Currently, our company has three retail stores closely specialized in offering always freshly made chocolate pralines, belgium chocolate of high quality and chocolate figurines.  The flawlessness and excellence of our chocolate pralines maybe be enhanced by luxurious wrapping done according to the client’s wishes. The address of our retail store can be found in the “Contact Us” section.

In addition to retail, Gold Pralines offers solutions even for the companies which order gift wrapped chocolate pralines for various events and occasions. Suitably wrapped belgium pralines make excellent holiday, anniversary or business gifts. Also, it can be a sweet treat during company’s sporting or social events.

The  company logo appears on all of our chocolate pralines and is not only inventive and original but also a pleasant reminder of the quality of our products for either the client or a business partner.